Esteemed [verb]

Definition of Esteemed:

think highly of

Synonyms of Esteemed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Esteemed:

Sentence/Example of Esteemed:

Edelman also found more people trust businesses than they do NGOs, and business leaders are held in higher esteem than political leaders.

He was afterwards a member of the Massachusetts senate, and much esteemed as a physician and a patriot.

He was professor of oriental languages; his dissertations on various subjects of criticism and antiquity were highly esteemed.

Louis Bourdaloue died; esteemed the best preacher that France ever produced.

The trader smiled knowingly, for he knew that the major esteemed himself the best.

His directors esteemed him highly, and the officers of the company were all sincerely attached to him.

They are very highly esteemed, and a well preserved example will command a large price.

Though hated by kings and popes it was highly esteemed by their subjects.

In Scotland the dry kinds of snuff are in favor and are esteemed as highly as the moister snuffs.

They are highly esteemed by those who smoke only this kind, but are not liked by most smokers of Havana cigars.