Idolize [verb]

Definition of Idolize:

think of very highly; worship

Synonyms of Idolize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idolize:

Sentence/Example of Idolize:

There’s no reason to keep idolizing an old god just because it knows how to satisfy our cravings for salt, sugar and fat.

His younger brother, Rye, doesn’t feel the same enthusiasm for the cause, but he idolizes Gig and follows him to a free speech rally that gets them both beaten and arrested.

He looked as if his division might idolize him, as it was said they did.

What was becoming weirdly clear was that these two really did idolize M1k3y, and that they'd do anything I said.

He does so, and finds there a little girl, whom he believes to be his own child, and whom he at once begins to idolize.

But the English people idolize Garibaldi, and receive him with a burst of enthusiasm unexampled in fervor.

Hitherto mankind has often been tempted by preconceived notions to idolize vain things.

But it touched her heart keenly to see her little Pearl, whom she was learning to fairly idolize, shrink from her.

We have a fine, healthy boy, but I do not allow myself to idolize him as I did his dear departed sister.

It is in the way of lovers to delight in the names of those they idolize, even when their devotion is rewarded with coldness.