Humiliate [verb]

Definition of Humiliate:

embarrass, put down

Opposite/Antonyms of Humiliate:

Sentence/Example of Humiliate:

He had been humiliated by a Republican landslide in Congress in the 1946 midterms, and he was expected to get clobbered in the 1948 election.

One thing that’s terrifying about him is how much humiliating these women is part of the fun for him.

Why does he have to meet them in person and humiliate them and meet their kids and meet their boss and really go the extra mile and spend all that time and energy and, in the end, walk away with very little and just leave them in shambles.

Nobody was looking for him except these women who had been victimized by him and had been bankrupted by him and humiliated by him.

Facebook proved they would not move very far and there’s not one leverage point that can deter them except mass humiliation — which is unlikely since they control the central messaging platform that can humiliate them.

No good; he must humiliate himself again before those unspeakable aliens.

My repeated requests for assistance have been ignored by the overseer, who improves every opportunity to insult and humiliate me.

But men also humiliate us, degrade us, jeer at, ridicule the miseries that they and their society entail upon us.

The idea that one day he could humiliate himself thus, gave him a shudder of revolt.

That's not what I've come for, but I shall be delighted if I humiliate you a little by the way.