Conquer [verb]

Definition of Conquer:

defeat, overcome

Synonyms of Conquer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conquer:

Sentence/Example of Conquer:

Whoever sends more soldiers to a given castle conquers that castle and wins its victory points.

To make the numbers, Tesla needs to conquer an additional one-fifth of the entire global luxury car market.

Many times, I’ve tried and failed to turn myself into one of those righteous dawn patrollers, who have conquered all of their demons and will inherit the Earth.

Perhaps in Term Two the president can conquer the literal and figurative gridlock.

NFL wide receiver Chris Hogan has now conquered the AFC East after signing on Sunday with the New York Jets, completing a doable but pretty uncommon feat across sports.

For these brands—and really any brand—conquering third-party sellers can seem daunting at first, but there’s no shortage of hacks and maneuvers to deploy.

To-day men of science are trying to conquer the horrors of cancer and smallpox, and rabies and consumption.

It was the spiritual way, whose method and secret lie in that subtle paradox: Yield to conquer.

Their standards had nothing in common; in the one honour could conquer ambition, in the other ambition knew no rules of honour.

Norman went slowly down, with failing knees, hardly able to conquer the shudder that came over him, as he passed those rooms.