Succumb [verb]

Definition of Succumb:

die or surrender

Opposite/Antonyms of Succumb:

Sentence/Example of Succumb:

Since death seems joyous, it is not feared, and their friends are glad when they succumb to it.

I struggle in vain against them; but the more I struggle the more I feel I must succumb.

"For a few moments, I feared he would not succumb to the bait," she said.

In general, every evil to which we do not succumb is a benefactor.

By my soul, if Sylvia tempts you, man, why the devil don't ye just succumb and have done with it?

It was a fierce battle of opinions and the weaker had to succumb.

It is not the weakest who succumb first to cold, as was strikingly proved in our experience.

The girl was the first to succumb, and burst into a quick spasm of angry tears.

In short, was she or was she not the sort of woman to succumb to his attack?

My dear friend, if I also should ever succumb, let me be taken to San Baudilio.