Demise [noun]

Definition of Demise:

fate, usually death

Synonyms of Demise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demise:

Sentence/Example of Demise:

While some went extinct as early as the 17th century,others may have met their demise by human means even far earlier—namely major Pleistocene megafauna like the woolly rhino.

This means even more stars can escape, quickening the cluster’s demise.

By the time Clark sent out the last issue in December 2019, after a detached retina left him temporarily blind in one eye, he had chronicled the demise of 16,000 factories, plants, and mills in 17 years.

Mack struggles with what the inevitable demise of everything means for humankind.

The rest were sudden demises such as poisonings that involved another substance along with alcohol or alcohol-related car crashes.

The main culprit behind the cluster’s coming demise, Oh says, is the Milky Way.

For decades, scientists have gone back and forth about whether massive volcanic eruptions or an asteroid impact — or maybe both — caused a mass extinction that saw the demise of all nonbird dinosaurs about 66 million years ago.

They’ve also listened in on bubble bursts to figure out the physics that underlie the gentle “pfttt” that accompanies a bubble’s demise.

At his demise, he was succeeded by Philip A. Bell, who continues to keep one of the leading offices in the city.

The bill did not proceed beyond this stage of its progress, in consequence of the demise of the crown.