Construction [noun]

Definition of Construction:

creation, building

Opposite/Antonyms of Construction:

Sentence/Example of Construction:

The work-in-progress represents the world’s most ambitious, concrete plan for a quantum computer now in construction—at least that’s publicly known.

We’re talking baby blanket soft, thanks to its bamboo construction, which is blended with polyester and spandex for durability and stretch.

The Detroit giant also will provide fuel-cell and battery technology for Nikola’s semi trucks, which are due to be built at a factory under construction in Coolidge, Arizona.

The wheels allow easy in-and-out motion in the event of more frequent use, and the open-top construction ensures that any items stored only need to clear the bed itself upon removal.

For months, journalists, lawyers and politicians have been asking what officials knew about the condition of the building, who brokered this deal and why the construction went haywire.

By fully automating the construction process, Diffbot has been able to build what may be the largest knowledge graph ever.

That one will remain on sale as a premium offering, and the new version will reportedly more closely resemble a traditional home treadmill in terms of materials and construction, allowing for the cheaper asking price.

It’s still under construction, but she envisions a page that includes thoughts on her favorite museums, describes the emotions they evoked, and invites others to share their favorite museums and what they’ve learned.

Barrios is policy and community engagement director for Laborers Union Local 89, which represents construction workers.

They unsuccessfully sought to convince a federal judge to stop the construction of the project until the potential impacts of the wall on the Rio Grande could be determined.