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Part of their hang-up was over the makeup of the new advisory board, whose selection is made by various appointments.

In Switzerland, scientists at a startup called Mootral are experimenting with a garlic-based food supplement designed to alter the bovine digestive makeup to reduce the amount of methane they emit.

What’s been seen so far is not a case of leopards “changing their genetic behavior as changes in genetic makeup will take decades of evolution to occur,” explains Swanepoel.

There was our midterms forecast in 2018, which was pretty accurate in predicting the makeup of the House and the Senate.

The makeup of local City Councils could drastically change in cities like Escondido and Oceanside, where three seats apiece are on the ballot.

In the second quarter lasting from April to June, US candle sales were up 13% from the same period last year, according to market research firm NPD Group, in contrast to plunging sales for products like perfume, skincare, and makeup.

It will also detect the chemical makeup of those rocks by zapping them with X-rays and measuring the wavelength of light the rocks emit in response.

That shot came on January 10, when scientists in China announced the complete genetic makeup of the novel coronavirus.

Also, its chemical makeup can vary depending on what part of the body makes it.

Under the microscope, they looked at different types of synapses across the brain, based on their protein makeup and general appearance.