Format [noun]

Definition of Format:

layout, plan

Synonyms of Format:

Opposite/Antonyms of Format:

Sentence/Example of Format:

Design a survey of up to 10 questions in a variety of formats along with some screening questions to make sure the feedback you get is actually useful.

He’s taken a more uniform approach to acting in various formats over the years.

This format will live on, he said, but when safe, the studio will come back as well, as his team looks to increase the number of shows they produce.

These are a mix of formats such as article links, videos and graphics.

We’re going to keep playing with this format, to see how much we like it, and how much you like it.

The guidelines require that the content in all of those formats be related to the content and functionality of the main app — so it can’t just be random additional features.

To date, AMP delivers a smaller share of subscribers than Instant Articles do, largely because AMP is a mobile search-optimized page format.

Beyond that, students in many countries are facing different formats for learning.

Interstitial ads are one of the formats offered on Facebook’s Audience Network — which allows Facebook advertisers to run ads on other third-party apps.

This year, it said it overhauled its alerts to provide information in nine different local languages as well as in a visual formats, which can help people intuitively grasp the warning.