Scheme [noun]

Definition of Scheme:

course of action

Synonyms of Scheme:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scheme:

Sentence/Example of Scheme:

The laughter and talk were as little subdued as the scheme of the rooms.

They catalogued Dick's virtues, and then Viviette unfolded her scheme.

On the level, now, do you think you could get away with that young Gilder scheme you've been planning?

He went to Garson yesterday with a scheme to rob your house.

It after wards appears that the scheme of Rumi-naui was one of treachery.

When they do meet, they together elaborate the scheme of a new work.

The scheme was very simple, though I do not think it was at all difficult of execution.

I have laid a scheme to do so; if indeed she be hitherto innocent and heart-free.

Cooke, on the other hand, declared that his sole object was to make a fortune from the scheme.

It was evident that he had a scheme of his own, worked by wheels within wheels.