Ordering [verb]

Definition of Ordering:

command, authorize

Synonyms of Ordering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ordering:

Sentence/Example of Ordering:

Her father's angry letter, ordering her to prepare for her wedding-day.

"I thought I might find a friend of mine here," he said, after ordering a drink.

Will you oblige me by ordering the steward to hand me a glass of water?

Grace followed her without a moment's hesitation, ordering Leary to wait.

The message-ship, ordering the Darian fleet away from Weald, had been sent off long since.

Others laugh at such notions, and say with Anaxagoras, that justice is the ordering mind. '

Will modern man rise to the ordering of a sane, a free, a generous life?

I couldn't have him ordering you about, you know—not the way he did it—if he hadn't any claim on you.

In realization of his mood, she left him under pretext of ordering the luncheon.

The great point is not to fail in ordering and sustaining the effort of our life.