Ordain [verb]

Definition of Ordain:

establish, install

Synonyms of Ordain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ordain:

Sentence/Example of Ordain:

And tell me,” added Alcibiades, “do they ordain to do what is good, or what is ill?

She no longer had any question for that which he chose to ordain.

You are their judges—pronounce, then, their fate; do you ordain them to live?

My heart submitted to whatever it should please God to ordain.

They were forbidden to ordain their own priests or practise their own peculiar customs.

It was easy to ordain a monopoly, but impossible to enforce it.

The Fates ordain there shall be no singing after that denial.

And yet both are indeed stars, and each does as Allah may ordain.'

If one could only ordain that things should be as though they had never been!

Ought I not to be content with everything Paragot should ordain?