Pronounce [verb]

Definition of Pronounce:

produce words vocally

Synonyms of Pronounce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pronounce:

Sentence/Example of Pronounce:

"Ponce de Leon," supplied Dorcas Jane, proud that she could pronounce it.

Were he to die while I am speaking, we could not pronounce it an untimely death.

He was heard, under his breath, to pronounce a contemptuous Pshaw!

Her voice faltered so that she could not pronounce the word gratitude.

Now Colonel Corkran informs us that we must pronounce her, in a different way.

As to the degree of immediate danger, the physicians here cannot yet pronounce.

One only goblin was daring enough to pronounce a curse upon him.

He arose and took her hand in both of his, and was scarcely able to pronounce her name.

And when it arrived they felt compelled to pronounce it excellent.

When he came to table, Fandor noticed that he forgot to pronounce the Benedicite.