Voice [noun]

Definition of Voice:

expression, language

Synonyms of Voice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voice:

Sentence/Example of Voice:

Listen to the voice that tries to win you back to innocence and truth!

"His countenance and his voice troubled me, like the presence of evil," answered Philothea.

Persuasive is the voice of Vice, That spreads the insidious snare.

As I approached her apartment, the voice of Alcibiades met my ear.

The aged philosopher endeavoured to speak, but his voice was tremulous with emotion.

Yet the voice of Plato would be pleasant to my ears, as music on the waters in the night-time.

Then I heard a voice, saying, 'Lo, the soul seeketh to ascend!'

And I looked and saw the chariot and horses, of which the voice had spoken.

The voice again said, 'Behold the winged separates from that which hath no wings!'

"Oh, blessed be the sound of your voice," replied the peasant.