Vocalization [noun]

Definition of Vocalization:


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Sentence/Example of Vocalization:

No behaviorist can possibly show that the air waves set in motion by my vocalization were an indispensable stimulus.

She will set him sighing after the vocalization of the other side of the Atlantic.

Her delivery of 'Casta Diva' is a transcendent effort of vocalization.

The quality of the notes suggested a relationship to the song phrase rather than to other types of vocalization.

The only other vocalization noted throughout the nestling period was an abbreviated chee.

The tongue which, when the mouth is closed, nearly fills it, should in vocalization lie as much out of the way as is possible.

It dealt in elaborate detail on such matters as accent, inflection, and all that concerns utterance and vocalization.

All of us are undoubtedly aware of the ease with which the sound represented by ed can be reduced to a t-sound in vocalization.

The two small notes shown at the beginning of the third line seem to be spoken with no attempt at vocalization.

Likewise, my expectations of hope and fear included a rich treat in the shape of vocalization.