Commentary [noun]

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Considering the uncertainty in which we are left by both text and commentary, the best we can do is to adore without disputing.

He likens the walls to the page of a book, in which the glose, or commentary, was often written in the margin.

The commentary is not very helpful, and discusses collateral questions rather than the dream itself.

We should like to see a Biblical Commentary from his pen; it, would be immortal on account of its straightforwardnsss and oddity.

Yet he was a guide of no mean order, who made up for the poverty of what he had to show by a copious, imaginative commentary.

Commentary, not likely to be very final at this epoch, the reader himself shall supply at discretion.

They stand, a brick-and-iron commentary upon the competing ambitions of two generations of townsmen.

This is the commentary written by Kaulbach himself; and Thophile Gautier called the suite un carnaval au soleil.

Then there is a commentary on the "Cantica of Avicenna," and a tractate on the "Theriac."

He shook his head in humorous commentary on those he had served.