Critique [noun]

Definition of Critique:

analysis, essay

Synonyms of Critique:

Opposite/Antonyms of Critique:

Sentence/Example of Critique:

As the years went on, I called Tom more and more often — not just for his critiques on players but because he knew everyone and everything in college basketball.

Those critiques re-emerged in December, when it was finally announced that Space Force personnel would be called guardians.

Karau declined to comment, but the legal opinion echoes critiques of advocates, police and some attorneys who worry Descano’s move to withdraw from some misdemeanor cases his predecessor handled could shortchange some victims.

Dolly Parton’s hit song “9 to 5” is a rousing critique of the American workplace.

Aware of the critiques that often surround him, Virgil Abloh aims to take back that narrative.

It’s more, the anger goes into my critique of the people, my dissatisfaction with myself.

AFTA twice posted statements on its website, the first describing its achievements and recommitting to a 2016 statement of equity and the second directly responding to the public critiques.

An executive reached out to say thank-you for demonstrating courage in a difficult moment and that my ability to share the critique afforded her the opportunity to lead better.

While Obama’s recent remarks have garnered critiques from the left, the former president has at least stayed consistent with his messaging.

She draws parallels to critiques of GDP as a misleading indicator when looked at through different lenses.