Rave [verb]

Definition of Rave:

talk endlessly

Synonyms of Rave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rave:

Sentence/Example of Rave:

"Let him rave," he observed enigmatically, and began to smoke.

To come to rave against and abuse my dearest, dearest, faultless friend!

I've got you this opportunity, and you do nothing but rave up and down, and talk nonsense!

The patient had ceased to rave and was lying quiet on the bed.

The men all rave of her, so that we are half jealous already.

Then he began to rave incoherently, sometimes frothing at the mouth.

That was the first thing I was going to rave about, the very first thing I saw you!

They did not rave of patriotism, nor was there any cant of equality and fraternity.

It's only two rooms, and nothing to rave about, but it's home.

Let him rave, if that's the way he wants to repay faithfulness.