Thunder [noun]

Definition of Thunder:

crashing sound

Synonyms of Thunder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thunder:


Sentence/Example of Thunder:

And a rumble quickly grew to an earth-shaking blast of thunder.

Pound, pound, pound, the hard road rang with the thunder of hoofs.

When he flaps his wings or even moves a quill the thunder peals.

There was no thunder nor lightning during the whole time they were in these latitudes.

And the thunder of galloping hoofs was more menacing than that of the cannon.

The thunder was not loud, but it kept up a continuous muttering and rumbling.

Yet his head, too, was bent in deep sleep, as if only thunder could wake him.

The thunder and lightning had long ago passed over, but the rain was furious.

Though not exactly to my taste, still, by the Thunder and the Lightning!

There was a rumble of thunder far out on the western prairie.