Crash [noun]

Definition of Crash:

bang; banging sound

Synonyms of Crash:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crash:



Sentence/Example of Crash:

Car crashes injure several million Americans a year, but driving lets people feel they’re in control.

Working on the project was like a peer-taught crash course in server management and maintenance.

He also cautions against buying into the kinds of “this time it’s different” theories that crashed with the dotcoms.

These huge slabs, which make up Earth’s outer layer, crash into and slide over each other in extreme slow motion.

If you have someone crashing on your couch, or you host one of your rooms as an Airbnb, then you've experienced the meaning of the word boarder.

After the financial crash of 2008, there was a bailout and a stimulus plan.

In April, the pandemic sent the oil market into one of its most precipitous crashes in history, with the oil price going briefly negative for the first time ever.

“The Klein bottle is supposed to be a surface, but the handle, to get from the outside to the inside, has to crash through the bottle,” Schwartz said.

This material, mostly gas, speeds around and crashes into itself.

After days of sleeplessness, the flies’ numbers tumble, then crash.