Clash [noun]

Definition of Clash:

disagreement or fight, often brief

Opposite/Antonyms of Clash:

Sentence/Example of Clash:

He and Mathieson p. 66did not always agree, and the clash of arms frequently raged between them.

While this clash was going forward between the rancher and Clip, Matt's mind had been busy.

So far my official duties did not clash with this work, and I could remain in the Ministry of Justice.

Just then the clash of the luncheon bell was heard, and Haggard gave his wife his arm.

He heard the clash of levers thrown sharply over in that distant ship; his own hands were frozen to the controls.

The trade union movement was growing and fighting, and every tendency pointed to the fact that a clash of forces was inevitable.

The front door shut with a clash, and he heard Mr. Lockwood crossing the hall quickly to the library, in which he waited.

Streaks of gray haze rose a foot or two into the nipping air, and the clash of shovels had a new, harsh ring.

Then the great yellow tusks would clash together with a sharp, ringing sound horribly suggestive of a steel trap closing.

For that week the Woodhull would clash with the Kennedy for the championship of the houses.