Disharmony [noun]

Definition of Disharmony:

conflict, discord

Synonyms of Disharmony:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disharmony:

Sentence/Example of Disharmony:

There was acute disharmony in the room, where a little time before there had been at least an outward show of harmony.

Finally, disharmony is implied in and necessitated by the very fact of progress.

Otherwise there is a disharmony which lessens happiness and is harmful in many ways.

It is a disharmony that “among highly civilized peoples marriage and regular unions are impossible at the right time.”

This becomes a cause of disharmony and excess, it causes man to wreck his health and destroy himself.

Maintains that our sex disorders are not the result of natural or physical disharmony.

What is to be done with these facts of disharmony and conflict?

They are more conscious there of social disharmony and of living a socially divided life than we are.

Mrs. Sayre sat down, a gross disharmony in the room, but a solid and not unkindly woman for all that.

That and the disharmony existing in your mind is a large part of the 'protecting' aura of discordance that seals you off from me.