Compatibility [noun]

Definition of Compatibility:

harmony in relationship

Synonyms of Compatibility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Compatibility:

Sentence/Example of Compatibility:

I am currently learning how to integrate secondhand video conferencing VOIP phones onto non-compatible platforms.

It’s also not clear how the master database will be compatible with the LGPD, the new data protection law.

In another difference, this year’s new phones are both compatible with superfast 5G Internet.

However, this level of immunity is not compatible with a full return to societal behavior as existed before the pandemic.

Whereas TuSimple is building its own trucks, Waymo is focused on developing a software platform, Waymo Driver, that’s compatible with anyone’s trucks.

I contract a tie which my reason tells me is based upon health and sanity and compatibility.

In this case difficulties lie in guessing the reliability of the devices and in achieving software compatibility.

Dr. Blake therefore suggests more study of the compatibility of scion to stock, especially in regard to growth and bearing.

It is above love, above compatibility, above even the priceless sense of humour.

What we think of now is moral and intellectual and physical compatibility; I mean, if we are reasonable people.'