Rapport [noun]

Definition of Rapport:

understanding between people

Synonyms of Rapport:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rapport:

Sentence/Example of Rapport:

I fear not We have a parade and a field-inspection, and then 'rapport' at noon.

There can be no reconciliation, no truce, no "rapport" between these.

Both had this habit of registering the rapport of everything to Sally as a first duty.

There was a rapport between man and animal that was understood.

Don't you think the family will be happier if I am not there to spoil the rapport of departure?

The study of this rapport can only be taken up by an experienced physicist.

Her rapport with the game saved him from his vanity by good luck.

It is impossible to get into the "heart to heart" rapport in the presence of other people.

There we have the rapport between man and totemic animal for which we are seeking.

It is no conjecture that this rapport is exploited for magical and other purposes.