Soul [noun]

Definition of Soul:

psyche, inspiration, energy

Opposite/Antonyms of Soul:

Sentence/Example of Soul:

All pursuits that serve to connect the soul with the world whence it came are rejected.

I have never seen the soul withdrawn without a struggle with the body.

When the soul was again led into the body, it related all that had happened to it.

Then I heard a voice, saying, 'Lo, the soul seeketh to ascend!'

The good bishop believed she had jeopardised her soul with divorce.

He has the soul of a merchant tailor, actually, but not the tailor's manhood.

But he was a generous man and all meanness of spirit was foreign to his soul.

The land of Phoenicia had always been a counting-house without a soul.

Everybody was drawn to her, yet not a soul took any comfort in her.

Falling from the lips of others, they dropped with conviction into my own soul.