Nobility [noun]

Definition of Nobility:

aristocracy; eminence

Opposite/Antonyms of Nobility:

Sentence/Example of Nobility:

Her woman's intuition was sufficient guarantee of the nobility of his character.

There was in this man an Oriental nobility choked by Western fashion and customs.

Yet even in this environment of evil we see the nobility of the man, and his real self.

Is it a good sign, that he wishes to see Royalty and Nobility?

My last was James Glencairn, so you can have no objection to the company of nobility.

The Scots are proud of their nobility, alliance to the crown, and logical subtleties.

The Venetians fancy themselves happy in the opinion of their nobility.

When he was lost, the whole world lost some of its strength and nobility.

They ordained that nobility should only be transmitted by the women.

The nation of the Natchez is composed of nobility and common people.