Sublimity [noun]

Definition of Sublimity:

aristocracy; eminence

Opposite/Antonyms of Sublimity:

Sentence/Example of Sublimity:

Never yet was there a simpler proposition; but there is sublimity in its breadth.

If so, it was the frenzy of a self-sacrifice that was sublimity itself.

The truth is, that he was cast in the very mould of sublimity and pathos.

Piang was blind to the sublimity of his surroundings, as he hurried on.

Who can read that passage, and be insensible to its pathos and sublimity?

The sublimity of this great poem of the Doom is not like the majesty or strength of epic.

The glooms of the gigantic forest, spreading back to unexplored and unimagined depth, added to the sublimity of the scene.

Hills and vales, bluffs and ravines, were continually presented in successions of sublimity and beauty which charmed the eye.

When you meet him down below, on his feet, much of the sublimity is rubbed off.

This, too, was the sublimity of love in all of its indomitable quenchlessness.