Generosity [noun]

Definition of Generosity:

spirit of giving

Opposite/Antonyms of Generosity:

Sentence/Example of Generosity:

Giridharadas’s message at the time was largely that the generosity of the global elite is somewhat laughable — that many of the same players who say they want to help society are creating its most intractable problems.

“Even brief experiences of awe yield a host of benefits including an expanded sense of time and enhanced feelings of generosity, well-being, and humility,” the paper notes.

The deal’s terms were a red flag for some analysts, and not just because of its generosity to GM.

Boerner Horvath has also, once again, benefited from the generosity of colleagues facing less competitive races.

To understand the seeming generosity of the elder birds, Ducouret and her team observed 27 broods of barn owls across the Switzerland countryside.

Merkel, one could say, was brought down primarily by her generosity in accepting refugees.

He come July six, for don't you mind how they called him Cevery out of pity and generosity for the Spayniards?

His unbounded generosity won for him the admiration of all his race, who graciously recognized him as their Maguinoó.

Stanhope subscribed to the reasonableness of the Duke's first impressions, as the immediate effect of such supposed generosity.

As in the old days of the Rusholme Road, Batterby flung his money about with unostentatious generosity.