Unselfishness [noun]

Definition of Unselfishness:


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Sentence/Example of Unselfishness:

I must have had a glimmer of reason then, a trace of decency and unselfishness.

Here was the selfishness of man and the unselfishness of woman answered.

It was his conviction that unselfishness was stimulated by football.

Organizations with vision and unselfishness must begin to replace them.

In the home there is unselfishness, thoughtfulness, and love expressed.

Do you mean by it unselfishness, courage, truthfulness, or any other virtue?

In her unselfishness she had committed the error of dividing herself from him.

God will see to it that they do not lose by their unselfishness.

I know this is his true conviction, but he is in love, and he measures her by his own unselfishness.

And the secret of it all lies in truth, in love, in purity, and in unselfishness.