Helpfulness [noun]

Definition of Helpfulness:


Synonyms of Helpfulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Helpfulness:

Sentence/Example of Helpfulness:

This interventional treatment will be particularly helpful in nursing homes.

With such helpful data, customer match designs and presents the best ads to the most interested customers.

Search insights can be helpful here as you try to navigate the new market.

Having a better idea of where your leads are coming from and what keywords they are using to land on your website can be extremely helpful.

Before this, I never really considered it … and I think it has been very helpful.

Remember, you should be creating content-driven articles that include helpful information.

When outreaching and creating content for link building and brand mentions, you’ll need to be helpful and human.

These are helpful insights for marketing but could influence operations, sales, and customer service, as well.

As you begin work with a new client, you can upsell them on an online course, gated content, and other helpful resources.

Now, whether you need a negativity bias for that — it may be helpful.