Readiness [noun]

Definition of Readiness:

skill; eagerness

Synonyms of Readiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Readiness:

Sentence/Example of Readiness:

Hold thyself in readiness to come down upon the first summons.

The talkers were putting the anaesthetizing-room in readiness for the afternoon.

At last, on the eve of the happy day, everything was in readiness.

They, with the three on watch, were to get the vessel in readiness for immediate departure.

Trapper Jim was getting some of the bear meat in readiness for cooking.

Sally found it hard to believe in Hetty's readiness to welcome her baby.

That I might at least show my readiness in wishing to be grateful, I took every care of her in my power.

I have some papers to arrange, which I should wish to show him, and I cannot have them sooner in readiness.

I had some friends in readiness, who were to have accompanied me to them.

Cellini was remarkable for his readiness and dexterity in handicraft.