Volubility [noun]

Definition of Volubility:

skill; eagerness

Synonyms of Volubility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Volubility:

Sentence/Example of Volubility:

That she knows better than to value herself upon my volubility?

His volubility had left him at last, and he sank down wearily on my sofa.

Charlie, piqued at her inattentiveness, essayed a volubility foreign to his words.

Tessibel's struggling to her feet broke off the man's volubility.

Chaffering, quarrelling, joking, there seems to be no end to their volubility.

Cobbet, with all his volubility, has not a word to throw at a ghost.

This and much more with the volubility of relieved feelings.

They argued with volubility: they argued standing in the open doorway.

He replied with volubility, and helped them down on to the ice.

"Not now," replied Lady Rookwood, checking the volubility of the man of law.