Liberality [noun]

Definition of Liberality:


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Sentence/Example of Liberality:

Here was a return for his frankness—his straightforward conduct—his unequalled liberality.

And they have often shown the same liberality toward the French, when they have found them in distress.

As a young man he had been remarkable for his liberality in pecuniary matters.

Trokelowe frankly acknowledges that his handsome liberality gained him immense respect 'even among his enemies.'

It was not merely by pecuniary liberality that the Parliament testified attachment to the Sovereign.

The greatest liberality to strangers, indeed, exists in all public establishments here.

He abused the confidence and liberality of the emperor, Henry V, by raising a conspiracy, for which he was imprisoned.

To give is to act; we do not suffer any pains by our liberality, nor by yielding to the importunity or necessity of postulants.

Liberality consists not so much in giving a great deal as in giving seasonably.

Money, however, is always forthcoming through the liberality displayed by many of the members.