Grandeur [noun]

Definition of Grandeur:

great importance

Opposite/Antonyms of Grandeur:

Sentence/Example of Grandeur:

Earlier, the vacating occupant threw a tacky and sparsely attended going-away party for himself at Joint Base Andrews — an event intended to attach grandeur to his departure for Mar-a-Lago, but all it seemed to telegraph was desperation.

The minister's eye kept steady to one point; to raise the country he governed, to the utmost pinnacle of earthly grandeur.

Certainly there are no five miles equal in rugged grandeur to those beginning just below and ending above West Point.

It burst upon them ere long with awful fury and grandeur, the elements warring with incredible vehemence.

At once dignified, solemn, and impressive, it combined every element of grandeur.

Most girls of her age would have been enchanted and bewildered by this display of royal grandeur.

Barbaroux was just the man to have his whole soul inflamed by an enterprise of such grandeur.

Enough of the massive walls is left to convey a vivid idea of the olden grandeur of the castle.

In the East, imagination is at liberty to expatiate on past grandeur, wisdom, and politeness.

Back of the village, in lonely grandeur, stands the abbey, still imposing despite decay and neglect.