Fineness [noun]

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It’ll grind beans to espresso-grade fineness, compress them into a dense puck for flavor extraction, brew one or two shots at a time, and even froth milk for luxurious lattes.

It weighed scarce one maes, or nine diezmos, of the fineness of eighteen or nineteen carats, alloyed with silver.

But in the fineness of the leaf, tobacco culture has made its greatest stride.

Of commercial fertilizers, Peruvian guano is doubtless one of the best—imparting both color and fineness to the leaf.

Stanley Hall, attracted by the fineness of the night, also remained on deck a short time after the others were gone.

They are generally thickest in the middle, while their teeth are of various degrees of fineness and of different forms.

A falling off in the high fineness of the "Monthly Review" showed that Brodrick was losing his perfect, his infallible scent.

The leaf length is then drawn up by the other hand and is cut into straws depending in width upon the fineness of the comb used.

The extreme fineness of her organic structure—a little water, if you please, Miss Charlotte Revel.

It set off the grace and fineness of his figure as the high black stock relieved the weary pallor of his face.