Fame [noun]

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Old comments from Justin Timberlake, Spears’s ex-boyfriend at the height of her fame, were among the many that surged back into public view.

Brown, 40, exploded into Internet fame last week when she posted her saga to TikTok.

Travis Scott has been able to straddle the line between social media popularity and traditional fame better than virtually any celebrity of the moment, which doubtlessly contributed to the overall success of the McDonald’s campaign.

Humiliated and disappointed by Spanish governance, he decided to seek his own wealth and fame in piracy.

As Times critic-at-large Wesley Morris points out in the episode, Spears rose to fame during the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal, when young women’s sexual desires were being discussed in public at once frankly, pruriently and scornfully.

In making the documentary, Drucker was most surprised by how little some of the attitudes from Carmichael’s contemporaries had changed over more than four decades since the Dale was at the height of its fame.

Andy Warhol is generally credited with the 15 minutes of fame concept.

Hilton Valentine’s memorable A minor arpeggio electric guitar riff on the 1964 track “The House of the Rising Sun” helped bring global fame to his English rock and rhythm-and-blues band the Animals, of which he was an original member.

Bill said he knew Eva was going to be famous and that she wasn’t going to live to enjoy that fame.

Nine of ESPN’s football writers, including Dan Graziano and Field Yates, believe Rivers is a hall of fame quarterback.