Reputation [noun]

Definition of Reputation:

commonly held opinion of person's character

Synonyms of Reputation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reputation:

Sentence/Example of Reputation:

"Many have had that reputation who do not deserve it," said Robert.

It was but just, that a man should be spoken evil of, who set no value upon his reputation.

So, Miss, if you have a real value for your reputation, shew it as you ought.

I have no idea that he will ever acquire the reputation of a great statesman.

Hal did not lose any reputation because he failed to take Andrew Lanning at once.

Let me beseech you, Madam, to be the guardian of my reputation!

Let me tell you, my dear, those acquisitions have given him more pride than reputation.

People swarm around us, because we have the reputation of being liberal.

By this time his reputation had long been firmly established.

It might be possible to acquire a reputation in other professions by good fortune or favor.