Eminence [noun]

Definition of Eminence:

importance, fame

Synonyms of Eminence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eminence:

Sentence/Example of Eminence:

He sounded like neither the directorial eminence revered for his chronicles of gangsters, rockers and New York after dark, nor like good ol’ Marty, universally beloved champion of film preservation and benefactor to auteurs the world over.

Now while from the scholarly perspective this claim is debatable, there is no doubt about the archaeological eminence of the site.

All parties have borne testimony to the value of his services, and the eminence of his talents.

He who has attained it grows giddy, and the fiercest winds are summoned to blow him from his eminence.

He was the son of a miller, and raised himself to eminence by his great talent and genius as a painter.

There was another theory promulgated many years back by certain people of some degree of eminence in their own walk in life.

We did not perceive the little town until we had surmounted the last eminence and were in its immediate vicinity.

He sees nothing in any one of these religions to justify its claim to infallibility or pre-eminence.

On a little eminence in the midst of these stands the chapel of Our Lady, which is the parish church of a large district.

The church is situated on a platform, rather more than half way up a steep eminence overlooking the bay.