Dignity [noun]

Definition of Dignity:

excellence, nobility

Opposite/Antonyms of Dignity:

Sentence/Example of Dignity:

Respect for women and the dignity of all Alaskans is our responsibility.

Sometimes he takes money as he disappears, but mostly it seems like he’s after their dignity.

What I know as a human being is that children should be treated with dignity and respect, no matter their nationality or the color of their skin.

A Republican whose social group sees wearing a mask as shameful faces a dilemma of dignity.

Altogether, this means that treating others well requires an understanding about what gives them their dignity and what things they are ultimately trying to achieve.

We shall recover again some or all of the steadfastness and dignity of the old religious life.

This alone could hinder the execution of his appointment, for in other things he has excellent qualifications for the dignity.

"It's not fair, Lucy," said Mrs. Haggard reprovingly, with an attempt at matronly dignity.

When d'Aubran entered, the Seneschal was composed and in his wonted habit of ponderous dignity.

But that is past; and I feel, that could birth give dignity, my ancestors of Nassau reigned in this very palace!