Objectivity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Objectivity:

Such a writer is objective, but his objectivity with him is no more than a literary method.

Their objectivity is no literary device but a quality of mind.

But the Greeks have objectivity in a far more important sense than this.

Nor again is the Greek truthfulness identical with objectivity.

In no other way can we think of the objectivity of the universe; for in no other way can we think of ourselves.

So we may legitimately say, My body is the objectivity of my will.

The objectivity of Will then realized a new form,—the animal kingdom.

Against the Sentimentalists they wished to vindicate its objectivity and permanence.

The apprehension of objectivity is everywhere, as we have held, emotional.

Its objectivity, so far as we are concerned, is a device of the dramatist.