Ethics [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ethics:

Will Huntsberry reports that as part of her probation she’ll also be required to take a medical ethics course.

It is yet another potential violation of the city’s ethics rules.

Barrios stressed in the new filing that “no conflicts arose” during his period of overlapping employment, but he could have run afoul of the city’s ethics ordinance anyway.

This is, of course, nothing new, but it has highlighted the need for international standards on ethics and reporting mechanisms that are flexible but responsive.

Anya’s been thinking a lot about Disney princesses lately because of a writing project she had in school, for ethics class.

She was just as honestintentionallyas she could be, but the ethics of business dealing were not quite straight in her mind.

The religion of Rome may not have advanced the theology or the ethics of the world, but it made and held together a nation.

Your religion does not make it—its ethics are too weak, its theories too unsound, its transcendentalism is too thin.

Impatiently I smother the accusing whisper of my conscience, "By the right of revolutionary ethics."

Ethics, in short, may be regarded as composed of unlike halves, which unite centrally to form a whole.