Nature [noun]

Definition of Nature:

character, disposition

Synonyms of Nature:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nature:

Sentence/Example of Nature:

"Flattery to ourselves does not change the nature of what is wrong," answered Philothea.

I refer, of course, to man's mastery over the latent forces of Nature.

Kate's nature was limited; part of her graceful equipoise was narrowness.

He was disposed to think more favourably of the nature of the country.

Absolute directness was a part of her nature; she could die, but not manouvre.

To this I was further prompted by the nature of my instructions.

But the evils regarding the hours of study and the nature of the studies were as bad.

And yet that being the end, nature will not be satisfied without it.

They do not change the nature of truth and her capability and destiny to benefit mankind.

The nature of these ties must vary with the different problems of different areas.