Outlook [noun]

Definition of Outlook:

point of view

Synonyms of Outlook:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outlook:

Sentence/Example of Outlook:

Do the Outlook and the Commoner imply progress since the Stagirite?

When they stopped at the door no one was on the outlook for them.

But here we are upon the hill-top, with as fair an outlook as man could wish to have.'

Our decision here will affect our outlook on the entire relation of the sexes.

Life seemed a melancholy thing: how gloomy, how helpless her outlook!

If it should fall upon him, where then would be his hope and outlook?

Judging by the outlook just at present, bathing will be out of the question to-morrow.

It is almost surrounded by buildings, so that no outlook of any kind is to be had.

If we take it in succession to do picket and outlook duty, the enemy will be less able to harry us.

The American outlook will be permanently enlarged by this tremendous experience.