Viewpoint [noun]

Definition of Viewpoint:

way of thinking

Synonyms of Viewpoint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Viewpoint:


Sentence/Example of Viewpoint:

From the viewpoint of centuries, the questions that come to us are narrowed and few.

Nevertheless, from the German viewpoint, the result achieved was worth it.

Abruptly, with a startled shock to his senses, Lee's viewpoint changed.

Its delivery was, from the viewpoint of Messrs. Young and Mullen, a success.

You had to look at it from the viewpoint of a thousand years.

Well, suppose we approach it from the viewpoint of the Anti-Sweating dinner.

This much is said from the viewpoint of the ordinary sensible and chivalrous onlooker.

Through my attitudinizor, one may at last adopt the viewpoint of another.

And is it also true that you chose to investigate the viewpoint of Carter out there?

All I had to do was to learn, or to acquire by practice, the viewpoint of Carter.