Perspective [noun]

Definition of Perspective:

view, outlook

Synonyms of Perspective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perspective:


Sentence/Example of Perspective:

Something had happened in Lilac Valley that had changed his perspective.

Mrs Verloc looked straight ahead at the perspective of her escape.

Thus I get a perspective upon the place, to Will and his ilk denied.

This morning, the perspective of the little man was anything but normal.

The stove, with its perspective all awry, was tame and precise, and in colour as dingy as mire.

The quay in perspective to the left, the man who shoulders that sack below.

He had lacked the time and the perspective to do it for himself.

At twenty the world is rosy and in the perspective are many castles.

He was accepting them, but they hadn't any share in his perspective.

Looked at in perspective, and in his era, it is clear how great a man he was.