Proportion [noun]

Definition of Proportion:

relative amount, size of part to whole

Synonyms of Proportion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proportion:

Sentence/Example of Proportion:

For a man's heart is sensitive in proportion to its greatness.

So important is this proportion that it should be memorized.

Perhaps some day I may get a reward out of all proportion to this small service.

Pressure of wind increases in proportion to the square of the velocity.

And by exactly that proportion they might be a day's or a five days' journey distant!

In proportion as the marsh solidified the general health improved.

In proportion as she knew his innocency she must have felt his loss.

Then make the pickle, which must be in proportion to the quantity of fish.

For a large dish you must proportion the ingredients accordingly.

Keep it boiling from half an hour to an hour in proportion to its size.