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The right-hand side of the equations describes the contents of the universe — anything that has mass and energy.

In other words, machines that augment or supersede organic biology and change the equation limiting the scope of how, where, and when “genetic” information can be shared and transferred.

The scientists took this curve and developed a new mathematical equation to calculate a dog’s age.

Whatever the reason, once these individuals become infected and are removed from the equation through death or immunity, the effect on the pandemic is outsized.

The equations of general relativity let them evolve independently, and, crucially, you can flatten the universe by changing either.

His equation provided the framework for all subsequent scientific assessment of the prospects for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Yet mathematicians have no qualms about earnestly describing their equations and proofs as beautiful.

There’s a huge difference between some equations on a piece of paper and then being confronted that it’s actually real, that we just proved it.

We need to trade in our defunct system for one that pulls these things into the equation in a meaningful way.

Then I start making connections and trying to figure out why they would use this equation here whereas others use it in a completely different context.