Unevenness [noun]

Definition of Unevenness:


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Sentence/Example of Unevenness:

Every unevenness of the slip renders it useless for our purposes.

Hence the unevenness of his work, the different values of this or that poem.

Every unevenness shows when the cover is polished and pressed.

This tends to get rid of any unevenness and makes the fibers all parallel.

And the expression is so liable to unevenness as to be less worthy than it should be.

It explains the unevenness of his work and its lack of finish.

The most aggravating thing to the soldiers on a march is the unevenness of the marching.

He seemed not to mind the unevenness of the ground, nor the danger to which he was exposed.

She made the comparison and thought with despair of the unevenness of Fate.

The unevenness of the rocks exposed him to incessant stumbling.