Deviation [noun]

Definition of Deviation:

change, departure

Synonyms of Deviation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deviation:

Sentence/Example of Deviation:

I plugged into my calculator the mean, the standard deviation and the number of plants in each group.

In the set of graphs tracking the pandemic above, you may have noticed similar blips in recent days, deviations probably due to data gaps because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Then I put my mean, standard deviation and number of samples into this online calculator.

The previous version had referred to “deviations from its maximum level.”

We often have this notion that male bodies are the default and women’s bodies are a deviation from that default.

Thus the coming of man indicated, in two directions, an extraordinary deviation from the ordinary course of animal development.

Occasionally (as at Birdoswald) there was a deviation, and the older work survived.

The sharp ridge in the center provides for a deviation of the water jet as it flows on the bucket.

It would be impolitic to jeopardize his whole ambition by any deviation from the letter of the Erfurt agreement.

This deviation of art from its true and high vocation took place everywhere, and even in connection with Christianity.