Crotch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crotch:

Combined with the brand’s signature crotch gusset, it frees up movement to a degree you won’t find in other jeans.

Others described the anxiety they’ve experienced while being watched and the creepiness they felt when showing the camera the space on top and below their desk — what one researcher said amounted to “a crotch shot, basically.”

“You have to do a crotch shot, basically,” said Jason Kelley, associate director of research at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital privacy group based in San Francisco.

The suit is also a big pain to pee in—I found myself wishing for a crotch zipper.

The crotch of the elm-tree which it occupied was about twelve feet from the ground.

At the very top was a crotch, formed by two dead limbs, and into the crotch the crows dropped the center of the line.

Phil then drew it up into the tree and placed it securely in a crotch in one of the branches.

Nest is made of plant down, very compactly built, usually in a crotch.

He is a very musical man, an intimate and long attached friend of Dr. Crotch.

First, cut a pole (z) five or six inches through and twelve feet long, lay it in the crotch of a tree five feet from the ground.